Best BBCOR Bats

Here is a quick list of ‘best BBCOR bats’ and a very brief commentary on each bat…

If I tried to tell you what the ‘best BBCOR bat’ is I would simply be choosing one of the best bats and arbitrarily calling it the ‘best BBCOR’, while ignoring the fact there are a lot of ‘best’ BBCOR bats.


Here are the top 5 best selling BBCOR bats this year, and why:

Marucci Cat 6 – The Cat 6 is the successor to the Cat 5 and the Marucci Black. It is a one piece, all aluminum alloy bat with good balance, little to no vibration, thin walls, and great pop. No nonsense. Just performance. It seems like $199 is the sweet spot for BBCOR sales. With bats this good at $199 there is zero reason to spend more, unless you want to, but you won’t be getting much more (if anything) for the extra money.

Easton Z-Core Whiteout – Like the Cat 6 above, the 2017 Easton Z-Core is a one piece aluminum bat with good balance and no vibration. This bat is exactly the same as the black Z-Core, but was initially put out as a ‘limited edition’ model. Also sells for $199

Maruicci Cat 7 –  Similar to the Cat 6, the Cat 7 is again, a one piece, all aluminum BBCOR bat (seeing a trend here?). The difference, and why it sells for $249, is the inner walls of the barrel have been ‘fine tuned’ to enlarge the sweet spot to twice the size of the Cat 6 sweet spot, as well as a knob built to help dampen any vibration on mis-hits. Marucci models their BBCOR bats after the wood bat ‘cuts’ they make for the pros. Great balance. Outstanding performance. Added comfort compared to the Cat 6. The Cat 7 is bound to be at the top of this list soon.

Louisville Slugger Omaha 517 – I’m not making this up, this is really the fourth best selling BBCOR bat for 2017. The Omaha is, again, a one piece, all aluminum bat that is balanced and sells for $199. The bat makers would LOVE to have you spend $399 or $449 for their composite bats because they make 2 to 3 times the profit, but the hitters know there is no need to spend that much.

Louisville Slugger Prime 917 – Finally a composite BBCOR bat. What will you get from a $399 bat vs a $199 bat? A slightly larger sweet spot, possibly a faster swing speed (depending on the bat). I really like this bat. I have been saying for 4 years the Prime is my favorite BBCOR bat, and while I love the Prime, if I had to spend my own money on a bat I would buy one of the bats above and save $200.

See what I said about $199 bats? There is absolutely no reason to spend more than $199 on a BBCOR bat to get the best performance.